tennis-club Kühlungsborn e.V.


Directly opposite the hotel is the tennis club with 6 clay courts.

You are welcome to reserve a seat, sign up for tournaments or book lessons. Season is mid-april to the end of October. (Depending on the weather.)

Our tip: Every wednesday in july & august, the club offers tourists tournaments.

Tennis Club Kühlungsborn e.V.- Dünenstraße am Lindenpark

Clubhouse & seat reservation: Tel.: 038293/7781



About history

Tennis is not, as is often assumed, English invention, but was created in the 13th century on northern French monastery courtyards.

Sport came to England only in the 17th century. In 1892 there were the first German Championships in Hamburg. In Germany, tennis was a sport of the upper ten thousand and the nobility at the beginning of the 20th century. The women also discovered the "racket swing" quite early for themselves, as they were rather excluded from most other sports.

Kühlungsborn reached the "white sport" in 1906. The first opportunity to play tennis in Kühlungsborn is said to have existed at the former Hotel "Atlantik" in today's Kühlungsborn East. Shortly thereafter, the first public square at the hotel "Westphal" was added - this was the later Kurhaus am Lindenpark. In 1923 the area was still called Hindenburgplatz. During this time, four new tennis courts were created there. The Kühlungsborn tennis sports experienced golden times in the early 50s. Sports clubs were founded, names such as "Petrel", "Friendship" and later then "Empor" should still be a household name to the old tennis hare. Also tennis lessons were offered in the 60s in the then FDGB homes of Kühlungsborn.

The current Kühlungsborn Tennis Club (TCK) was founded shortly after the fall of the Wall.